Adrian Taylor

"You deserve to bring out the best in you!"
Your Inner Voice Coach

My Story

I worked the last 20 years in a corporate world, but knowing in my heart I wasn’t the typical 9-5 corporate type. I was good at what I did (Cyber Security!) but also realised that helping people achieve their potential was something that really energised me.  

Alongside my corporate life I followed a spiritual path, finding relaxation in yoga and meditation. It took a few years to realise there was a real need for mindfulness practices in the workplace. 

But back then I didn’t do much about it! I was ignoring that voice that said it wasn’t the right fit.  

That voice got louder and I realised change was needed, but not quite what that was going to be. I left my job and went to Central America and worked with business leaders and shaman to develop a new way of working. I set up my own company and started working part of the year in the UK the rest of the time studying. Through my work I overcame imposter syndrome, found a true inner confidence and realised I wanted to share what I had learnt with others.  

From that point on I studied hard in places like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Bali, Thailand and India. As I sat in the foothills of the Himalayas, breathing in the air of India, I developed this program for you. It’s a combination of many years of study and my own personal experiences that I know will help many of you.  

I now combine a life of travel with helping people find their own inner voice and helping people understand their potential.  

If any of this resonates with your own journey then please get in touch, let’s see if I can help you unlock your potential. 

My Values & Beliefs

You truly deserve this

You really do! You deserve to take the time and space to explore what your inner voice is telling you it needs. Take the first step by talking to a coach and seeing where it leads. 

You hold the key to your own amazingness!

You might not feel it yet, but you already know what you want in life and how to get there. That may sound like utter rubbish for you at the moment,  so my job is to help you take out the jigsaw puzzle and start putting it together, piece by piece.

Be curious & experiment

Let’s all dare to be different. Let’s explore a desire for change in life with childlike curiousity and adult wisdom. Change & ideas come in the least expected places… so go and do something you wouldn’t normally do and see what changes!

My Approach

I’m here to help you find what you deserve in life. 

You’ll start by finding your inner voice and getting a better idea of your needs and goals. You’ll then be able to set the agenda with what’s a priority for you. I’m here to bring you a mix of coaching & mindfulness tools for you to explore your goals. The next steps will start to appear.

Working with me will be a fun and creative experience, but also a space for challenge and all of your emotions. We will welcome it all. One thing is for certain, we create a space for you to move forward towards what you really deserve in life.

Drop me a note below and we can have a (free) call about coaching.

I’ll discuss my style of coaching and the value it can bring you; and we can start to explore something you’d like to change.

There’ll be no cost for this and you can feel if coaching is a fit for you. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer,

Unleash Your INNER VOICE Today!