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How many coaching sessions will I need?

I’m going to be totally unhelpful but this really depends on what you’re looking to acheive!

Some people like help during a specific time in their life and work with me for a month or two, others like to stay with me for a longer period of time so they can use the sessions to drive change forward in their life. But coaching can have an impact in only one conversation, you never know. 

It’s up to you, but after a phone call I will do my best to give you an idea. 

What can I expect during the first conversation?

The first time we talk you can get a feel as to what coaching is and if it’s a fit for you. I can answer any of your questions and we can look at some of your goals to see if coaching will be a fit. I will also show you a couple of coaching techniques that’ll work in every situation. 

Is the coaching face to face?

I am a coach based in Bristol and can certainly support face to face coaching if you’re local. But equally many of my coaching is carried out remotely and I have lots of online techniques that work as well, sometimes better, than face to face.


What if I don't know what I want?

Then you are not alone! The very fact that you’re reading this tells me that you know something needs to change, even if you don’t yet know what. So let’s take time to explore those feelings and see what may emerge. You may just surprise yourself and realise your inner voice knew all along. 


Bristol Location, Remote support

I am a Bristol based coach and whilst the majority of my coaching is performed remotely I can offer face to face coaching to those in the area. As part of my coaching packages you’ll have access to support via WhatsApp and telephone between our sessions,